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Lifting cables and mobile connections with round cross section of 2.5 mm H07VVH6-F

These cables are used in elevators, elevators, overhead cranes as well as mobile connections.
Conductor: Flexible annealed copper (Group 5 according to ISIR 3084 or IEC 60228)
Insulation: PVC
Coating: PVC
Technical Information:
Operating temperature range: from negative 30 to positive 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature range in short circuit mode for 5 seconds: up to 160 degrees Celsius
Ambient temperature: up to 40 degrees Celsius
Nominal voltage: U0 / U = 450/750 V.
Short circuit current: Refer to the technical appendix on page 33.
ISIRI 607-6, IEC 60227-6, IEC 60332
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  • 12/7/2021

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