In buying wires and cables, is quality more important or price?

Both factors are important and should be considered. It is better to first identify quality and standard products that are similar in quality and then compare their prices and choose the most appropriate option.

How can you be sure that the conductor of the wire or cable is made of copper and no other metals such as CCA are used instead?

One of the easiest ways to ensure this is to expose the conductor of the wire or cable directly to the lighter flame. If the conductor does not melt or deform, it is almost certain that the wire or cable does not use metals such as CCA.

How to ensure the standard license of wire and cable products?

A ten-digit code is inserted on the wire and cable as well as the product packaging, which can be found by visiting the site https://isom.isiri.gov.ir/parvaneh/ and entering the ten-digit code or sending this ten-digit code With the number 10001517, the accuracy of the standard product license can be ensured.

Is the quality of insulation and coating more important or the quality of the conductor?

Both are very important. Some only consider the quantity and quality of the conductor used in the wire or cable, while insulation and sheathing are also of great importance, as most laboratory tests of wire and cable relate to the quality and quantity of their insulation and sheathing. Be. Therefore, in preparing wires and cables, special attention should be paid to the quality and quantity of insulation and their coating.

What should be the purity of the conductor and how is it measured?

The purity of copper or aluminum wire should be at least 99.95 to 99.97 percent. One of the main criteria for measuring the purity of conductors used in wires or cables is their electrical conductivity, which is measured using a micrometer device. For example, the maximum electrical resistance of a wire conductor should be 13.3 ohms per kilometer. If the purity of the copper used in this wire is low, in a constant volume, the electrical resistance of the conductor is higher than this value and therefore the wire will not be standard.

Is the total weight of the wire or cable a measure of its quality?

The total weight of the wire or cable alone is not a measure of the quality or standard of the wire or cable. To measure the quality of a wire or cable, the weight of all its components, including conductor, insulation, filler and sheath, should be measured and examined. It should also be borne in mind that the weight of the conductor or insulation and sheath is one of the factors determining the quality of wire or cable, other factors should be tested using laboratory equipment to determine the quality of the wire or cable orifice material. Definitely be determined.

What is the basis of naming cables?

Cables are named based on the number and cross section of the wires used in them. For example, a 3.5 ک 1.5 cable is a cable in which three strands of wire with a cross section of 1.5 mm are used.

What is the basis of naming the wires?

Wires are named based on their conductor cross section. For example, the cross-sectional area of a 1.5 سیم wire is approximately 1.5 mm2.