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Flexible bed strap H03VH-H

These wires, which have a very high flexibility, are used to power portable electrical devices in dry places and where there is no mechanical stress. Frequent folding of these wires is allowed, but use in hot environments is not allowed.
Conductor: Flexible annealed copper (Group 6 according to ISIR 3084 or IEC 60228)
Insulation: PVC type D.
Technical Information:
Operating temperature range: from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius
Temperature range in short circuit mode for 5 seconds: up to 150 degrees Celsius
Ambient temperature: up to 40 degrees Celsius
Nominal voltage: U0 / U = 300/300 V
Short circuit current: Refer to the technical appendix on page 33.
ISIRI 607-5, IEC 60227-5
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  • 12/5/2021

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