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H07V-K, H05V-K (NYAF) H07V-K, H05V-K (NYAF)

These types of wires are used inside electrical appliances, lighting systems in dry environments and inside pipes installed under or on plaster, as well as for installation on cable trays and cabling ducts.
Insulation: PVC type C.
Technical Information:
Operating temperature range: from negative 30 to positive 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature range in short circuit mode for 5 seconds: up to 160 degrees Celsius
Ambient temperature: up to 40 degrees Celsius
Nominal voltage for sections smaller than 1 mm2: U0 / U = 300/500 V.
Nominal voltage for sections larger than 1.5 mm2: U0 / U = 450/750 V.
Short circuit current: Refer to the technical appendix on page 33
ISIRI 607-3, IEC 60227-3
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  • 12/5/2021

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